Celebrating PRIDE all year long!

More ways to show your LGBTQ Pride


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At the beginning of times (or SAGA apparel) there was a drawing... and then they multiplied... then came the LGBT T-shirt and Pride Shows and other LGBTQ events and conferences... and then year 2020 happened...

With our local printing store shut down we are still making T-shirts, they are just taking little longer. 

The beautiful thing that came out of this, is now we have expended giving you even more ways to show off your Pride!

If you are impatient (very rightfully so) to show off your Pride stripes - our LGBT tank tops will get to you faster than T-shirts. 


If you are even more impatient we have phone cases and face masks for you.

And if you absolutely cannot wait ever several few days for those be to made, we have ready to ship 3x5 feet Pride Flags! They are limited quantity, while supplies lasts, as they were ready for the upcoming Pride Show and are currently stored where no Pride item belongs - the closet! So please help them come out!

LGBT Transgender Pride Flag                  LGBT Bisexual pride FlagLGBT Lesbian Pride Flag                  LGBTQ Pansexual Pride Flag