Our store is going through TRANSformation - if the shirt you like shows "Sold out" email us SAGAapparelTeam@gmail.com


SAGA - Sexuality And Gender Affirming Apparel is a LGBTQ+ clothing line designed by queer artist exploring gender and sexuality.

We create inclusive, original pieces, for everyone in the LGBTQ family and we have been a part of major Pride festivals, as well as smaller LGBTQ events and educational conferences since 2017.

We strive to empower our community mentally by spreading the positive message as well as financially with our Partner Program.

Whether you are a part of the trans community, looking for extra finances towards medical, legal or other transition expenses or whatever else, or LGB person looking to improve your financial situation you can partner up with us.

Our mission is to help our community with affordable housing and help our immigrants.

To join our Ambassador program and become our Partner click here or email us at SAGAapparelTeam@gmail.com


Also, we don't know why would you do this, but if email is not your thing, you have an option to send us a snail mail to: 4012 S. Rainbow Blvd K475 Las Vegas NV 89103 - yaaas, that's Rainbow Blvd!  :)